Website Design

Web Design

Web design is our specialty! We take pride in our work, so when we build your site it has to not only meet your needs, but our own high quality standards

Today, a dynamic website is the face of your business. Consumers are using the Internet more and more as their first source of contact and the website must possess that "WOW Factor" along with ease of navigation. The website should literally be an extension of the business as it is being used to relay your thoughts, ideas and services directly to the consumer. A Professional website design by Wicked Dezign means your website will be visually appealing, user friendly, easy to navigate, intuitively designed, and optimized for search engine performance.

Whether you're looking to build a website for your small business to attract new clients or you need a fully automated E-Commerce Solution that integrates with your CMS (Content Management System) we can design a professional website that will help you place better in organic search results.

Web Design Cost

A web design that matches your company's brand, while engaging your target audience, takes work.

Your web design is the face of your online business. It has the ability to speak directly to your target audience, providing information exactly as they need it, all while giving them an experience that convinces them to become your customer.

Often we're asked how much a web design costs. There are many factors that determine a web design projects cost. And like most business interactions, you get what you are willing to pay for. Beware of anybody who gives you a quote on a web design project without going through the exact details of the project.

If you have any questions or for a detailed quote, contact us we're looking forward to hearing from you.